How to Clear UPSC Examination

To know about the civil services of India it is first necessary to know the civil service exam definition. The name of the above topic is borrowed straight from the words of the iron man of India, Sardar Vallabhai Patel. He believed that the importance of civil servants for a country is very high.

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Civil services are, in simple words providing service to the people of the society to fulfill their needs with the ultimate aim of establishing a welfare state. Civil and military service are the two pillars between which the people of the country are protected and provided for their sustainable. Bureaucracy in India of the first .order consists of the IAS, the IFS and the IPS as the top three posts within their own hierarchical arrangement based on the specialization and department requirements. They are followed by the number of groups A services and UT services. Group A services include the railway, revenue, and allied services.

Civil servants are directly appointed by the president under his hand and seal. All India Services of IAS, IPS, and IFoS ( forest service) are the most important services and come directly under the control of the department of personnel and training, though they are posted under different state cadres. All the civil servants are given training before their service begins, with a 3-month foundation course followed by a year-long training for respective services.LBSNAA in Mussoorie in Himachal Pradesh is seen as the MECCA of UPSC aspirants. This the place for a common foundation course.

Civil servants are responsible for policy implementation and ensuring that schemes have an impact on the last eligible person. This explains that they have a great opportunity to ensure social and economic justice to the public whereas political justice should be ensured by the legislators and the whole concept of justice based on constitutional ethos is promised by the judicial system. Hence the first stage of delivery is from the civil servants and their efficiency is of utmost importance for any country.

Today the civil servants of India are selected through the toughest examination conducted by the most prestigious body, which is a constitutional body, the UPSC. The exam includes three stages and all the attributes required for the service are tested and selected for the final list. The competition is growing high every year and more applicants are in the line. This has made the exam tougher and requires more competence from the aspirants.

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It is very important to select the best people in the country to serve society and this was also emphasized by Chanakya 2500 years ago. Thus the nature of civil servants should be highly dedicated to public service with immense passion and selfless commitment. Honesty, integrity, patience, perseverance are the most required values for a civil servant. Today we see a lot of rural students entering the service, it is a motivation for the rest of the youths to have an interest in serving the nation either by entering any of the public services are through outside means like philanthropy and NGOs or social entrepreneurship programs.

The civil service exam definition is nothing but testing the caliber of an aspirant with the above-mentioned requirements through a three-step process called prelims, mains, and interview, wherein prelims Are of objective type questions testing his or her knowledge speed and elimination skill. Mains test the aspirant’s thought process and writing abilities by shooting questions of diverse topics, finally, the interview tests the personality of the aspirant and his decision-making ability.

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