Top 5 Ways to Find Affordable Comics

Spider-man, Superman, Batman, X-Men, Iron Man. Thanks to these blockbuster movies comics have made a mainstream comeback. Collecting comic books is no longer just for the nerds who spend their Friday nights sifting through the newest comic delivery at the nearby comic shop. Now adults who want to relive their childhood with the comics they remember or even young adults who never had an interest in comics can easily find cheap comics to start their collection. Below you will find the top five ways that I personally use to find great comics to add to my collection without breaking the bank.

1. My favorite and most used tactic to find great comics for cheap is on For those who don’t know what eBay is, it’s a large auction website that sells nearly everything imaginable. To find a specific comic you are looking for you can just enter your search in the search bar, such as “amazing spiderman #1.” You can find great deals on single comics or even on full runs of a specific comic series.

2. Internet stores are another great option to find cheap comic books. Stores such as and offer a huge selection of comic books at very affordable prices. These sites often don’t have the best picks for the older comics, but for the modern comics it’s the best place to look. Often these sites will also have sales or coupon discounts that will help save you even more money when buying the new comic books you just must have.

3. A lesser known resource for finding quality comic books for a pretty cheap price is If you don’t know what Craigslist is, it’s pretty much a huge classifieds website that has ads for jobs, housing, and other things for sale. You can usually find someone selling comics near where you live by searching for “comics.” This one is hit or miss, but you may be able to find that last key issue you’ve been looking for.

4. Garage sales are another great way to uncover some great comics. The great thing about garage sales that are selling comics is that the owners usually don’t understand the value of the comics they are selling and will let them go for pennies on the dollar. That’s a great opportunity for you to cash in on a ton of comics that would normally cost much more at other places. This option is also a hit or miss one because obviously not all garage sales are selling comics, but if you find one that is you might just strike the mother load.

5. Your friendly neighborhood comic book store is still a great place to find comics towards the cheap side. Of course you won’t be able to find them cheaper than you would online, in most cases, but the extra money spent goes towards helping out the comic book store. Another benefit to shopping in person at a comic store is that you can actually look at and feel the comic before you buy it, so you’re guaranteed to get it in the best condition possible. Make sure to look for a “bargain bin” to find some very cheap comics that should help your collection.

These are the best five ways that I have found to get comic books for cheap. If you use these sources you can quickly grow your collection and have fun at the same time. That’s what it ultimately comes down to; being able to grow your collection without having to take out a loan and to enjoy the experience of getting those sweet new comics.

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